Amazon Adds More Dash Buttons To Its Offerings (NASDAQ:AMZN)

Amazon has announced an expansion of its Dash Buttons product line from the current 30 to more than 100. The expansion now includes several in the food and drink space, as opposed to being limited to consumer packaged goods. New brand additions include Brawny, Charmin, Clorox, Doritos, Energizer, Gain, L’Oreal Paris Revitalift, Lysol, Peet’s Coffee, Playtex, Purina, Red Bull, Slim Jim, Snuggle, Starbucks, Trojan, and Vitamin Water, among others

Amazon Dash Buttons are Wi-Fi connected, push-button devices that let you buy products from Amazon with just a press. The devices are used to re-order common household items, like paper towels, laundry detergent, toilet paper, dog food, and diapers. The buttons went live one year ago and are only available to members of Amazon’s $99 a year Prime program.

Amazon charges its customers $4.99 per Dash Button. However, that same amount is refunded after the customer’s first order using the device, making it free. The refund almost guarantees that the customer will use the button at least once. Each Dash Button has a strip of adhesive for sticking it somewhere around the house, and a colorful logo for whatever brand the button is for. The items are delivered to customers with Prime’s two-day free shipping.

Amazon says that buttons orders have increased by more than 75 percent in the last three months and occur, on average, more than once per minute. However, the company declined to provide hard numbers regarding the buttons’ performance and their contribution to Amazon’s earnings. It’s unknown how many customers have bought the buttons, how often they are being used, or what their sales numbers are.

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