Could Apple Acquire Time Warner ?

APPLE2-1024x480The current age will likely be remembered by many as an era fettered with corporate mergers and buyouts. In some cases, these moves keep companies alive, but in others it only means that those at the top get that much more powerful.

Sometimes, though, the move might be one of greater symbiosis. For example, Time Warner is for sale, according to a recent press release, and many firms on the move are currently considering the buy.

AT&T is one such company, as well as 21st Century Fox. As a matter of fact, Fox actually made a bid to acquire Time Warner in 2014, but eventually withdraw after receiving some resistance from the company.

But so is Apple. And that is very interesting because Apple has been trying to get into the streaming TV industry for many years. Time Warner just so happens to be programmer which owns the rights to Warner Bros Television and Warner Bros Pictures, of course, as well as Warner Bros Home Entertainment and Turner Broadcasting. However, they also own HBO.

This combination could provide Apple just the right collection of programs to quickly boost their visibility in the streaming market. After all, HBO is the home of the massively popular Game of Thrones series (among a handful of others), and this acquisition would save all of the network programming that would otherwise have no means of distribution.

Time Warner has been a hot investment for many years, but no suitor has been successful. But with shares trading at $14 lower than the $85 per share that 21st Century Fox is offering, Time Warner shareholders continue to pressure the company to sell.

And it is offers like this that Apple is watching closely. Still, some analysts argue that while this deal would appear enticing on the surface it is not the typical thing that Apple goes for. Or, rather, Apple is not in the practice of getting into a business where they have no interest; and while they could certainly take advantage of the HBO Go streaming service (among a few others), they have never been interested in television, as a whole. Still, the prospect of owning and distributing original content (which has been extremely successful for the streaming company, Netflix), could be hold great promise for Apple.

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