Gear VR Immerses User on the Web

2aWith its new app for virtual reality, Samsung created a vastly different way for interacting with the worldwide Web.

Samsung is launching a new part of its plans related to virtual reality with the release of a Web browser that is dedicated to the Gear VR headset.

The new dedicated app allows people to search the Web through an environment that is panoramic and immerse themselves into a world of Internet without any downloading of content on the smartphone used.

The new app, set to be released Wednesday, is able to play all HTML5 video files that is on Internet and supports 3D and 360-degree video streaming.

The world of Virtual reality has become a rapidly expanding medium that is reliant on headsets being wore by users such as the Samsung Gear VR and its rival devices made by Sony, HTC, Google amongst others to place the user in another world, as part of the plot of one game.

In collaboration with Oculus, which is owned by Facebook, which is also working on a headset for virtual reality, Samsung created the Gear VR, practically the first device of this type to come into the market.

Samsung is hoping that by expanding the VR content it will help its VR headset be successful in the marketplace.

VR however will be just another dud if there is not anything that is can be used for. Big opportunities exist in games and in videos, but the browser technology can give the VR headset users much more to explore.

Over a year since first showing its headset off, Samsung started to sell Gear VR last month in the U.S. and on Wednesday, it was released in the United Kingdom.

The company, based in South Korea will now ensure content is easy to access, easily used and is sufficiently original that people are going to invest in the hardware necessary before any competing devices appear in the market.

Internet for Gear VR is focused on locating content, not only displaying it. This app also has voice recognition as well as Gaze Mode that allows the user to navigate different Internet menus just by looking at items directly to select them.

Samsung is not alone in attempting to launch the Internet to VR. The VR for the Web might get more interesting as a project led by Mozilla called WebVR is able to catch on.

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