Google Return to China is Short Lived

Google Search, which in China has been blocked for the past six years, was said to be accessible for a short period on Sunday evening.

According to the reports inside China, people living in mainland China succeeded in using Google search for over one hour. However, the shutters were then pulled down again over the giant Internet search behemoth.

China has quite a significant censorship mechanism setup, which has been dubbed the Great Firewall or Golden Shield, for blocking all access to many worldwide sites that Chinese authorities have deemed unwelcome and inappropriate.

Google’s different services were added to the blacklist on the firewall over the last seven years. First blacklisted was YouTube, courtesy of the videos of security forces in China beating up Tibetans.

Search was then blocked six years ago after Google stopped its own self-censoring and discovered a Gmail systems hack, allegedly by authorities that are targeting dissidents and activists of human rights.

Gmail was shut down during 2014, and it looks as if China continues waging its war against foreign web service and media.

According to the local reports on Sunday, the brief period that allowed users to peruse Google only came due to the company introducing a new server in the region, and it took the country’s Firewall more than one hour to find the new servers and to block all access to them.

Although serves like Gmail are still blocked, some hoped that the newfound access to the Google Search page spelled a change in China’s policy.

Li Yue an IT engineer said that at one time he believed that Google had been unblocked and free speech had returned to the mainland.

He just recently reported that the search giant was going to prepare to launch a version that is censored of its app store for android.

At the same time, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently has courted Chinese authorities leading a few people to criticize him for not have any integrity.

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