Google Shines Spotlight on HTTPS

HTTPS is considered to be one of the keys to safer travels across the Internet. However, that will be the case only when it is implemented broadly across the web.

With a goal of shedding light on the progress made thus far, on Tuesday Google launched a new part of a transparency report that is dedicated to just encryption.

Included in that section, is data that highlights the progress in encryption efforts both by Google and popular third party sites.

The goal with the project, said Google is to hold themselves accountable and to encourage others to also encrypt so that web can be safer for all who use it.

At present, over 75% of the requests to Google servers have encrypted connections, according to the new report. Google will update the data weekly to reflect the progress it makes on its services.

A Google spokesperson said that Driver, Gmail and Service have been offered for a long time over HTTPS, and over the past year, the company has started to add traffic from other products such as Blogger and ads.

The spokesperson stressed that great strides were being made but there was a long way to go.

In addition, the report includes information about the connections of HTTPS on many other Internet sites including Instagram, Facebook, Netflx, PayPal, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

Together, it is estimated by Google that those other web sites represent about 25% of all traffic on the web.

Included as well in the report is a log viewer that is certificate transparent that allows its users and the site administrators to check to see who issued a certificate for a website and thereby its legitimacy could be verified.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation for a long time has promoted HTTPS and with the launch of the Tor Project, it has a dedicated browser extension.

Obstacles to the implementation of HTTPS however include older software and hardware, as well as resistance from certain governments and groups, said Google.

The company offers tools for webmasters to help guide their efforts of HTTPS implementation.

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