Insanely Popular VLC Media Player Finally Available for Apple TV

apple tvApple has been quite busy over the past decade. With the transition away from Steve Jobs’ more controlled environment into one with a far more wide-reaching product base, the technology company has been quickly innovating their way into the future. With a strong foundation, Apple has already cemented its place into the culture, but as consumer demand and, more importantly, awareness grows, expanding into other fields makes sense.

That is not to say it has been an easy transition. Or, rather, that it has not been fraught with obstacles. Still, Apple continues to grow and make changes to the philosophy, slightly, in order to make their products more attractive to the widest possible base of consumers.

Apple TV, for example, has been a bit of a niche product for some time now. Of course, the major appeal for any Apple customer is that Apple products are compatible with each other in a way that most other devices are not. The proprietary software makes it easier for them to network.

Still, Apple TV has stumbled, a little, but it was probably just ahead of its time. As more and more consumers shift away from traditional television broadcasting and more towards web-based programming, Apple TV is making more sense.

But, perhaps more importantly, Apple TV is also a media player that allows you to watch your home video and downloaded content on your television through your networked server.

And then, of course, because Apple has been so exclusive with its proprietary devices, the company has not always allowed outside software to be used on their devices. It makes their technology more reliable, most of the time, but it can create some difficulty as the market—and the culture—continues to diversify.

As such, Apple has finally made a VLC Media Player available on the Apple TV. This is one of the most popular video players in the world because it is programmed to decode just about every type of video/audio file out there and play it without users having to convert the files. Thus, making the VLC Media Player available on Apple TV, Apple users will not only be able to access .mp3 and .mp4 media files, but also all Winddwos Shares, UPnP, FTP and Plex server files available.

Furthermore, because it is Apple after all, users will be able to “broadcast” or “stream” these videos from any browser networked with the Apple TV.

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