Ransomware Targeting Apple Products is on the Loose

Researchers discovered what they describe as the first real-world ransomware attack Apple’s Mac. The ransomware is on torrent software, which could put computers at risk if any has been downloaded of late.

Experts in computer safety are saying that Mac users are no longer any better off than other PC users.

Security researchers discovered what they say is the first ever ransomware attack that targeted users of Apple, that has made it out into the real world and it is bad news for those who like to download, as it is being spread through the torrenting software.

This problem was detected first last Friday, when researchers from Palo Alto Networks found a BitTorrent client that is popular and operates on OS X and the used access shared by a number of torrent swarms.

It is not just the first time that ransomware has been targeting Macs, as in 2014 Kaspersky Labs was able to discovered a MAC ransomware, though it was not complete at the time, it was discovered.

However, researchers today have announced they believe KeRanger was the first complete, fully functioning ransomware that has been seen on the OS X platform.

Palo Alto Threat Intelligence put the problem into simpler terms. They said it was the first one that is out in the wild that is functional, encrypts files and asks for a ransom.

KeRanger is unwelcomed by Apple fans who have heralded for a long time that Mac is untouchable and rivals the traditional Windows PC.

While the PCs periodically appears in the headlines for being a target of malware, viruses and a number of digital infections, users of Mac have been able to largely avoid serious talk over viruses. However, that is no longer the case.

The stakes have become massively high with the KeRanger. Ransomware was designed to be able to infect the computer and then hold the computer’s owner to a ransom, by locking up all the files or by functionality or essentially bricking up the device until a payment is made by the user to have that problem neutralized

However, that particular type of ransomware has a tidy ransom note of $400.

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