Sony Introduces New PlayStation Messages Standalone App for iOS, Android

PlayStation-Messages-1024x512Video games have undoubtedly become one of the most important and penetrating components of popular culture and a true force in entertainment. It was only a decade or two ago that video games were popular with a small percentage of the population but now it seems that everyone enjoys them.

After all, the market is far more versatile and inclusive these days, with games available for all ages and interests. Games are now cinematic, colorful, engaging, and quirky, satisfying every kind of curiosity.

Perhaps one reason that video games have become so popular, though, is the relatively recent addition of the social component. Indeed, unifying video games with the internet allows players to connect with each other, immediately bonding over their shared interest. It breeds not only community, though, but also competition, which adds another facet to what has truly become a massive form of entertainment.

And Sony has now added another feature that continues to encourage online gaming and social networking through play. Sony has just announced the release of a dedicated PlayStation Messages app for iOS and Android. This allows PlayStation Network fans stay connected to their games and gaming communities while not logged into their PS4 system.

“We know that Messages is the most used feature of the PlayStation App, so we created the standalone PlayStation Messages app with a more streamlined design in order to get you into your Messages and communicating with your friends faster than ever before,” explains Sony’s Vice President of PS Brand Marketing, John Koller.
Koller also goes on to say, “Making PS4 a socially connected experience has always been one of our core goals, and we think this app will help enhance that connectivity even further.”


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