The Perrigo Company Recalls Children’s Cough Syrup

The Perrigo CompanyChildren’s cough syrup is among the most commonly purchased medicine in any family household. These medications are formulated with the same drugs as adult cough medicines but in dosage amounts better suited for children.

Of course, that is the hope: unfortunately, The Perrigo Company has distributed some children’s cough syrup products which include incorrect dosage amounts on the dosage cups. These improper markings could lead to improper dosages, which health officials, of course, are concerned could lead to overdose.

Thus, The Perrigo Company has recalled two products specifically, in order to prevent any potential dangers and correct the mistakes. In a press release, the company asserts “There have been no reports of adverse events to Perrigo as a result of the incorrect dosage markings.” Perrigo CEO and chairman, Joseph

Papa goes on to say, “Perrigo is taking this action to maintain the highest possible product quality standards for our retail customers and consumers. We are taking this action because it is the right thing to do.”

The active ingredient in children’s cough syrup—actually, all cough syrup formulations—is guaifenesin dextromethorphan (DM). Guaifenesin is classified as an expectorant; its purpose is to relieve cough from the common cold, upper respiratory tract infections, bronchitis, and sinus inflammation, by loosening mucus and secretions of the lung in order to make coughs more productive. Dextromethorphan is a cough suppressant which minimizes cough.

The Perrigo Company notes that the recall is necessary because while one mis-measured dose of the drug is highly unlikely to induce any health problems, several mis-measured doses (which could occur in the same day) can result in hyper excitability, muscle reflex alteration, stupor, rapid eye movement, nausea, arrhythmia, respiratory depression, vomiting, and even coma. Furthermore, some children metabolize dextromethorphan at a slower rate than others, which means the overdose could compound and increase risk threefold.

And so, the company has issued recall of the Guaifenesin Sin Grape Liquid 4oz children’s cough syrup

H.E.B 5LK0592 8/1/2017
CVS 5MK0340 8/1/2017

and the Guaifenesin Sin DM Cherry Liquid 4oz children’s cough syrup

The medicine is sold across the country under a wide variety of brands which includes—but is not limited to: Topcar, Rite-Aid, CVS, Sunmark, Kroger, and Dollar General.

Sunmark 5LK0528, 5LK0630 3/1/2017
Rite-Aid 5LK0528, 5LK0630 3/1/2017
Topcare 5LK0528, 5LK0630, 5LK0779 3/1/2017
Kroger 5LK0528, 5LK0630 3/1/2017
GoodSense 5LK0528 3/1/2017
Dollar General 5LK0630 3/1/2017
Care One 5LK0630 3/1/2017
CVS 5LK0630 3/1/2017

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