Reddit Unveils Its iOS and Android App

Reddit launched its premier native app on iOS and Android platforms. The new app is available at this time in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada only.

However, the company said it is planning to make the apps available for other countries during the next couple of months.

Users of Reddit, a discussion forum, have relied on the app Alien Blue for a long time. The app was made by one of Reddit’s fans, Jason Morrissey, to give users the ability to browse the site on tablets and smartphones.

The company purchased Alien Blue last fall, but took it off the iOS store during February. However, the paid version can still be purchased, until the company is able to roll out its own app for tablets.

Therefore, that preinstalled can use the Alien Blue app in order to browse content on Reddit.

The company unveiled its beta version of the native app to be used on Android back in January and during March the same for iOS.

The move depicts that Reddit is making efforts to entice additional users to join the platform. This is not the company’s first attempt to improve service. Earlier in the week, Reddit unveiled a brand new tool that protects users from abuse or harassment on its platform.

This new feature gives users the ability to block those people who have been harassing them. In addition, the new tool for blocking hides the content of the user without letting them know they have been blocked.

The company has claimed that the new apps offer improved services for users. They are far cleaner and modern looking that the main website of the company and the app Alien Blue.

Reddit wants its users who bought its pro account previously on Alien Blue to subscribe to the premium offering known as Reddit Gold.

The discussion forum has claimed that member of its premium service will be able to enjoy an experience that is ad-free for a price of $29.99.

Reddit said the main reason for taking the Alien Blue app out of the app store was due to users searching for Reddit could get confused after seeing the app name Alien Blue.


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