Mars Food Says To Go Easy on Pasta Sauce

Food company Mars Food is planning to label some of its pasta sauces from Dolmio, macaroni and cheese and other products as being fit for consumption just once per week because of their high levels of fat, salt or sugar.

The plan is part of the company’s larger initiative to encourage habits that are healthier. Mars is a privately held food company based in the U.S.

The plan comes when large food companies or Big Food, have come under greater pressure from advocates for public health as well as regulators struggling in their battle against the obesity epidemic.

This plan, however, does not include the Mars’ sweets or chocolate business, whose brands include Starburst, Snickers and M&Ms.

Products, which are high in fat, salt and sugar, including the Dolmio’s lasagna meal kits and its sauces for lasagna, will have a label that advises occasional consumption, which means just one time per week.

However, Mars said the majority of its products in the United Kingdom would remain for daily consumption.

No details were released by Mars for the other countries but the labeling will be introduced in each market where its products are sold.

Nearly all of the makers of packaged food are going through the reformulating of their products as they attempt to stay up with the changing tastes of the consumers whom are becoming more and more health-conscious.

Mars Food is also the producer of the famous Uncle Ben’s rice and said it is planning to post with a few months on its website a list of the products it says should be consumed occasionally and what product can be consume daily.

The company has set new targets for reducing sugar and sodium in certain products and to boost the use of vegetables and whole grains.

Some countries, of which Britain, Mexico and France are three, have announced levies on drinks that are sugar sweetened, while others have been considering doing the same.


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