Tracy King

As the editor of Rincon Hill News, Tracy enjoys communicating with writers and contributors on an almost-daily basis. She is a graduate of San Francisco State University, where she contributed to student publications and worked as a writing tutor. Tracy loves working and living in the city but spends every weekend she can hiking and exploring out in the woods.

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Carson Schmitt

Carson attended Argosy University and lives in the San Francisco area, but is originally from smaller towns further north. With regards to journalistic writing, Carson enjoys writing about innovative companies and business finance. In the evenings, he can often be found at open-mic events sharing his creative writing.

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Jean Clark

Before studying finance, Jean worked in a variety of businesses in a communications and marketing role. After seeing the importance of companies’ financial decisions in the lives of their employees and stockholders, she decided to study finance at Golden Gate University. She now works as a financial consultant and writes financial content on the side. Her favorite thing to do on a Friday evening is try out a restaurant she’s never been to before.

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Shelley Jackson

Shelley previously worked as a registered nurse and now covers health and technology news for Rincon Hill News. Her goal is to take breaking science news and make it easy to understand while showing both sides of the issue. She has two preschool-age children, so she can often be found at neighborhood playgrounds enjoying time with her kids.

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Stormie Castle

After growing up in San Francisco, Stormie has spent the last several years traveling and writing. She contributes to several blogs, as well as writing travel and financial content for Rincon Hill News. Her favorite place to visit so far has been India, but she is always opening to going someplace she’s never been before.

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Josh Larkin

Josh grew up near Los Angeles but moved north to attend University of California San Francisco and now calls San Francisco home. Josh is studying to receive his MBA and enjoys staying informed about publicly traded companies by covering business and finance for Rincon Hill News.

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